Grow Your Acres, Not Your Fields

SekureCropSolutions 360 is an Ag Information Technology company.
We offer an all-encompassing service that's like a doctor's physical
for your field. Through VERIS Soil Mapping, Yield Mapping, Thermal
and Satellite Imagery and farmer interviews, we create a detailed
map of your field to identify management zones. A medical history
that can help you choose crop inputs and track results moving forward.

We're not steering the tractor through the field, we're providing
the grower with up to date, detailed information that can help
you make informed decisions to grow efficiently. We make decisions
on a zone-by-zone basis to get the most equitable yields and
the best return on investment.

We review our data annually to see what's working, what can
work better, and what to prescribe in the next season, zone-by-zone.

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